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About Us

We are a family run greetings card publisher based in Fife, Scotland, who pride ourselves on delivering high quality quirky cards for all occasions, many with a strong Scottish slant.

We design all our cards in our wee studio, taking inspiration from Scottish culture and the everyday banter of Scottish life.

From small beginnings our business has grown with the family, going through many facelifts, to become a contemporary card publisher supplying prestigious retail outlets across Scotland and beyond.


Mum of two wee ones, although they're growing up quicker by the day. Laura loves getting her paints out and is responsible for all the quirky imagery on the cards. She enjoys a challenge and is excited about taking the reins of the business and will be running it from her own home studio in the not too distant future. In her spare time she enjoys a bit of 'forest bathing' in the land at her house, running after her kids, and finding the odd 10 mins to paint her nails or play a few songs on the piano.


Chief wordsmith, Marion comes up with her most unique verses either in the waking moments after a deep sleep or in the shower (she just needs to make sure she has a pen and paper handy!) In her spare time, Marion loves a late night crochet session, Sunday morning beach walks and a nice glass of Rose.


Bob handles production and is the voice of reason when it comes to Marion and Laura's wild ideas! He's a level headed diplomat who enjoys a swim twice a week and a good long walk to blow away the cobwebs. Ask him anything about the Who or Cream, but don't mention Queen or U2.

We hope you enjoy browsing our site and we hope you find the ideal card (if not, give us a bell and we'll get right on it! customer feedback always welcome!)